International Cooperation

法乐虎国际老版本已与美国佛蒙特法乐虎国际老版本(Vermont Law School)、澳大利亚悉尼科技大学(University of Technology Sydney, Australia)、美国西俄勒冈大学(Western Oregon University,U.S.A.)、捷克查理大学(Charles University, Czech Republic)等高校签署法学专业校际合作协议。目前,我院已有留学生近70名,涵盖法学(国际法方向)本科生、法学硕士生和渔业经济管理(与商乐虎国际老版本合建)博士生三个层次。

International Cooperation
Ningbo University Law School actively carried out international exchange and cooperation, and has established stable academic links with many universities. There are more than 100 teachers and students visited universities in America, England, Canada, Germany, South Korea, Australia, Sweden, Spain, Iceland and other countries, as well as many universities in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan for academic exchanges. Many foreign scholars have been invited to the school to give lectures, and we also hold international academic conferences from time to time.

Ningbo University has signed cooperation agreements with Vermont Law School, University of Pittsburgh, University of Technology Sydney, Western Oregon University, Charles University , etc. At present, there are nearly 70 international students, including undergraduate students, graduate students, and fishery economic management (jointly established with the Business School) doctoral students.